multimedia projects around beautiful and unusual books
Birch Tree Road is a small home based company dedicated to bringing to the public multi-media projects created around beautiful and unusual books..

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Here are some of our projects:

a gallery developed in response to the pandemic.

chained life

Gallery for the light installation series: "EMERGING WORLDS"

The illustrations in both these galleries have been developed for use in six-sided installations, lamps and coffee tables (see below) with 6 semi-translucent panels. They are printed on akryl, and mounted in the panels of the hexagonal casing with led lights behind the panels, giving the appearance of glass windows.They have been used in various exhibitions.

Gallery for the light installation series: "ALIEN CRITTERS"
golden weavers SONGS OF THE ZHONGZI
by Rowen Sivertsen
At present, the project consists of four books, each accompanied by a series of half-animated videos, and a gallery of illustrations.
To read about the books, click here
In a spin-off from our gallery projects, bacteria, viruses, blood cells, mushrooms and more become beautiful scenes, in backlit panels in a collection of lamps and coffee tables.
At the heart of this project is the beautiful and original book En Fabel by Ingelil Mitchell, published in 1991. The story is retold in music and verse, through 16 episodes, in videos created out of the drawings from the book, crafted and adapted to video use by Rowen Sivertsen.
Beyond the Tapestry videos
Beyond the Tapestry Gallery of Illustrations
Beyond the Tapestry book
Book 1: The Wizard Bear's Theatre Presents the Days of the Week
Concept, story and paintings, Ingelil Mitchell
Retold in verse by Rowen Sivertsen

The project consists of the book, a series of 8 animated videos and a gallery of illustrations with extracts from the text.
For a foretaste of the project, see a couple of the youtube videos:
Introduction, Monday, Tuesday
To read more about the book, click here illustrations, poems, music, animated short films and lay-out by
Rowen Sivertsen: visit her gallery of illustrations and her song studio.

Several projects are based on the works of Ingelill Mitchell
Ingelil Mitchell: visit Ingelil's art and crafts studio
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